Sunday, August 22, 2010

ing.. Dragon Wing Doily

Yesterday, I start 'Dragon Wing Doily' by Anne Bruvold at office.
this pattern is so cute~
this is smaller than I thought.
Maybe It seems to be finished tomorrow.

this is Lizbeth 'SUMMER FUN (104)' in size 20.
thread name is fun~

Korea is soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot...
now is AM. 4:00.
But I can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because here is so hot and High humidity, like Amazon jungle!!

I hope that I can sleep tomorrow.


  1. Very pretty! I think you'll have it finished in no time!

  2. Beautiful doily! Prayers for cooler temperatures soon! :)

  3. Your doily is looking great. I hope you get a break in the heat so you can get some rest. It is so hard to sleep when it is hot and humid at night.

  4. What a lovely doily and the colours are nice. Love the colours of your Tatting Shuttle!!!!

  5. Lovely work. I hope you get some cooler temperatures soon.

  6. In spite of the heat you are very productive! You are working so hard!
    Hope you can get some rest. Hang in!